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In today’s globally connected world, technology, especially mobile, is creating more opportunities for businesses to find more customers anywhere in the world. In fact, by 2018 there will be an estimated 2.3 billion people using the Internet on their mobile phones. On mobile, and on Facebook, people engage with the things that matter to them, even in other countries. More than 1 billion people on Facebook are connected to at least one business in a foreign country, and 1.57 billion people visit Facebook monthly on mobile. In the US, 60% of people on Facebook are connected to a business in a foreign country. We want to help all businesses grow internationally. Today, we are introducing new resources and solutions to help them expand across the globe, from wherever they are. Businesses can now use a new feature in the Lookalike Audiences tool to reach customers in new countries who are similar to their existing ones. They can do this by uploading a list of existing customers or high-potential leads. In addition, advertisers with website conversion or mobile app install objectives can use our extended location targeting capabilities by selecting a worldwide region or trade zone. Facebook will then deliver ads to selected regions and then optimize delivery to the countries with the greatest return. We’re also introducing solutions to help businesses optimize their global campaign strategy, including webinars on international marketing with Facebook and a handbook on finding the right customers in new countries. Businesses are already using Facebook to expand globally. For example, Turkish fashion startup Modanisa used our newly enhanced Lookalike Audiences tool to find customers in new countries and got a return on investment that was 4x higher than its previous campaigns.

Facebook’s international lookalike campaign helped us to reach niche audiences and customers all around the world. The focus led to significant increases on our acquisition ratios and supported our overall acquisition strategy." — Sami Güzel, General Manager & Partner, Modanisa, Turkey

Facebook helps us open the doors to new countries. It’s the first marketing channel we consider when we make our expansion strategies. Facebook allows us to expand to countries faster than we had planned in an efficient and scalable way." — Frank Kang, CEO and Co-founder, Althea Beauty, Malaysia

Facebook and Instagram really helped us grow internationally, we are now shipping to more than 25 countries around the globe." — Felix Ermer, Co-Founder and CEO of Brooklyn Soap Company, Germany

Learn how your business can use Facebook for successful cross-border promotions in our resource guide, where you can get essential information on cross-border marketing with Facebook, including how to optimize campaigns for global audiences.

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