It has been an exciting month of platform updates and new product launches. Everything from the Facebook F8 developer conference, to Google’s Marketing Live event, here’s what you should be talking about:


Facebook UX Changes

image of new look and feel to facebook's ad manager

Not only are users experiencing a new look and feel on Facebook, but we’ve also noticed some changes to Facebook’s business tools.

With many product updates released at F8, Facebook hopes a simpler Ads Manager will offer more insights into ad performance and reporting. All updates are expected to roll out to advertisers in the coming months.

Brand Safety Updates

Example of Brand Safety Controls in Facebook

Embracing the theme of privacy and user safety, Facebook is updating its Brand Safety Controls for advertisers. (Did you know that Facebook has over 30,000 people who manually review more than two million pieces of content each day?)

Facebook now offers an inventory filter allowing advertisers to choose from either Limited inventory, Standard inventory or Full inventory. The idea is to make it easier for advertisers to control their brand across Instant Articles, Audience Network, and In-Stream video placements. 

Updates to Video Ranking

Facebook updating Video ranking

An update to video ranking means your video content will be rewarded if it sees longer average watch times, and generates more repeated views. The three factors that will impact video ranking on Facebook are:

  1. Loyalty and intent – Share valuable content with your audience on a regular cadence.
  2. Video and viewing duration – Include a powerful thumbnail and grab your audience’s attention within the first 3 seconds.
  3. Originality – Being authentic and thoughtful with your content is a powerful approach.


@shop is Now Open

image of Instagram released @shop account

Instagram has released a new @Shop account to showcase online merchants. They curate it themselves and aim to celebrates small businesses and their creators. Emerging products and the latest trends are featured. The best part? Every image offers a product tag so you can easily tap to shop.

Shopping from Creators

example of instagram shop from curator with product tags

From public figures and artists to entrepreneurs and publishers, creators continue to influence and inspire. Now you can shop inspiring looks from the creators you love without leaving Instagram.

You simply tap on the post to get more information and purchase the product on the spot. The idea is that a consumer will be more likely to relate to a product when they see someone, they admire interacting with it.

A small group of creators have already begun testing. Businesses must be part of the checkout beta in order to tag their products.


New Shopping Features

google image of shopping online

In an effort to provide quicker delivery times and keep up with companies like Walmart and Amazon, Google launched new features this week that included a personalized homepage and a universal shopping cart. The shopping cart will provide customers with new opportunities to purchase directly from various parts of the Google platform.

Smart shopping campaigns (which use machine learning to enhance performance) are also receiving an upgrade. Local inventory information will now be available to customers, so they know what is available at a physical store prior to visiting. If you are interested in joining this beta, we recommend filling out this form.

Later this year, brands will be able to bring shoppable ads to the video service. YouTube is also planning to give shopping recommendations related to YouTube videos and share some of the affiliate fees with YouTube creators.


All The Feels

LinkedIn's new reactions

Aiming to boost engagements, LinkedIn is introducing some new ways to react to posts. Reactions are meant to offer more ways to quickly and constructively communicate with one another.

Thoughtfully designed, each reaction was carefully selected based on user insights. LinkedIn didn’t just choose these reactions either, instead, they analyzed the top 1-2 word comments being used and what types of posts people are sharing the most.


Trending on Snap

Snapchat example of what was trending

Spring is here, but winter is coming… Snapchat released what was trending last month. From Earth Day to National Siblings Day and Game of Thrones to the #FeelingCuteChallenge. How are you including seasonality and relevancy into your social media strategy?


There are many new options available, and sure to be many more. Stay up to date with the latest and align your strategy with one of these updates:

  • Facebook: New look and feel, Brand Safety and new Video Ranking
  • Instagram: @shop open for business, new product tags available for creators
  • Google: New shopping features compete with Walmart and Amazon
  • LinkedIn: Engage with posts using the new Reactions
  • Snapchat: Stay trendy, with the latest view to Snap’s current trends

To learn more about how you can incorporate the latest updates to your social marketing campaigns chat with one of our experts!

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