Feature and policy updates to the Messenger platform

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Last week, we announced a few feature and policy updates to the Messenger platform that will improve the quality of conversations between people and businesses. We’ve highlighted some of the updates below that will go into effect January 15, 2020, and a full rundown can be found on the Messenger Platform developer blog.

Revising our standard messaging policy

We're updating our Standard Messaging window to 24 hours. Facebook research shows that people expect businesses to respond quickly to their messages and - not surprisingly - businesses can achieve better outcomes when they respond in a timely manner. Motivations, Mindsets and Emotional Experiences in Messaging (vs. Feed) by Sentient Decision Science (Facebook-commissioned survey of 8,156 people in BR, GB, IN and the US), June 2018. Research refers to people surveyed who use a messaging app daily and have messaged a business in the past three months using one of their most commonly used apps. This update also aligns with WhatsApp’s messaging window. People will continue to have control over who they want to communicate with on Messenger, including businesses, by using features like Block, Mute or Turn Off Messages. Beyond 24 hours, businesses and developers will be able to utilize message tags and sponsored messages to reach their customers.

Streamlined message tags

We are simplifying message tags, which enable businesses to send personalized, 1:1 messages to people outside of the standard messaging window for four use cases including post-purchase updates, event reminders, account updates, and human agent which is currently in a closed beta test.

Subscription Messaging (Beta) Update

We are limiting access to the Subscription Messaging (beta) to vetted news organizations. We found some businesses using the beta in ways that weren’t in line with our policy, creating ineffective conversations between people and businesses. News organizations who successfully register their Pages through the Facebook News Page index can apply to be a part of Subscription Messaging (beta).

More focused discovery

We are constantly testing and learning how to improve Messenger. As part of our continued commitment to simplify the Messenger experience for people, we will begin to phase out the Discover tab over the next several months. Moving forward, we'll make it easier for people to find ways to connect with businesses in Messenger when they're looking to chat. This includes making updates to m.me links, web plugins, various entry points across our family of apps, as well as investing more in ad products that lead to Messenger. Businesses will continue to appear in the app through the search feature and advertising surfaces.

Moving forward

Over the last three years, Messenger has seen brands of all sizes grow their business on our platform. We remain committed to building experiences and delivering innovative solutions in the future that provide value to people and businesses.

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