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Is the metaverse the future of social media?

Facebook is now Meta. Instagram is adding NFTs. Twitter is adding avatars verified on the blockchain. So is Reddit. Is this all a distraction? Or is there an underlying shift to crypto and VR that businesses need to pay closer attention to? There is a shift happening. One that is very important to every business. […]

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Steal These 9 Instagram Templates and Make Them Your Own

There’s a myth that if you design something using a template, that you’re limiting creativity. That templates create repetitive content and miss that… special something. It’s nonsense. Creativity thrives with boundaries. Some of the most creative content on Instagram starts within a repeatable template or framework. And the truth is, the most successful brands in […]

Facebook Boycott: How To Pivot Your Ad Dollars #StopHateForProfit

Facebook’s 3 billion monthly users is larger than any country, organization, or religion in the history of humanity. With that size comes influence. And responsibility. Social networks, Facebook especially, have a responsibility to reduce their negative impact on society. That’s the premise behind the #StopHateForProfit Facebook boycott campaign from the ADL, NAACP, Sleeping Giants, and a […]